Fidelity Technology Fund profits thanks to Korean chip shares

Although the rise in Korea’s largest chip shares seems to have stopped, the $ 18 billion technology fund Fidelity managed to make a profit on these shares.

BlackRock Inc. and funds like JPMorgan continue to invest in semiconductor stocks, anticipating the future of artificial intelligence.

The Fidelity fund has made a profit of 24 percent this year. The fund outperformed its competitors by 45 percent. Although the shares of South Korean semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix and Samsung, which Fidelity increased its share in its portfolio in May, decreased this month, SK Hynix made a premium of 27 percent this year and Samsung made a 50 percent premium.

The role of artificial intelligence comes to the fore in the funds’ preference for chip stocks. The funds, which are hopeful of the innovations that artificial intelligence will bring, are investing in chips in which the software will run.

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