106 million euros from the EU to Türkiye and 7 member countries

According to the statement made by the European Union (EU) Commission, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania, which are all EU members except Turkey, will establish “emergency medical teams” within the disaster mechanism called “rescEU”.

The aim of this initiative will be to increase emergency medical support to people affected by major natural or man-made disasters.

The 3 emergency medicine teams to be established with the project will have the capacity to provide surgical intervention and medical diagnosis services. In addition, medical staff consisting of 17 special care teams will provide intensive care, burn treatment, patient transport, advanced diagnosis, maternal and child support, rehabilitation, mental health support, orthopedic treatment, laboratory, oxygen and telecommunication support services.

Prepare for disaster scenarios

Emergency medical response teams will start working gradually by 2024. These teams will be prepared for various disaster scenarios. Teams will be able to operate autonomously and provide support to national health systems should existing health facilities become inadequate in an emergency.

The new structure will be created as a complement to the 15 emergency medical response teams in the pool of the European Civil Protection Mechanism, including Turkey. Turkey joined the EU’s mechanism in 2015, and lastly activated the mechanism after the earthquakes on 6 February.

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