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In his letter, Kazım Ergün, Chairman of the Retirement Association of Turkey (TÜED), emphasized that as TÜED, they work devotedly to bring the problems of retirees to the agenda and to solve them.

Stating that they are pleased with the resolution of many of the problems they have voiced over time, Ergün used the following expressions, addressing President Erdoğan:

“Among our demands that we have kept on the agenda for years, are the adaptation request of our SSK retirees before 2000, the holiday bonus, KEY payments, free and discounted travel for those aged 65 and over, the right to retirement for EYT members, your support for the housing issue of retirees without a home, the solution of the problems we experience in health. We thank you for your efforts, additional payments, bank queues and bank promotions for your efforts. However, despite all these sincere efforts, at the point reached today, approximately 10 million of our retirees are struggling to survive with the lowest pension payment of 7 thousand 500 liras.”

“Retired people no longer have the opportunity to lead a healthy life”

Ergün continued his letter by noting that the measures to ease the civil servants, public workers and minimum wage earners made them very happy:

“However, our retirees, who buy the same bread from the same market for the same price and have to live on 7,500 liras, unfortunately have no opportunity to continue their lives in a healthy way. The proposal, which was added to the draft law discussed in the Parliament and envisions a 25 percent increase for the retirees, meant that they would live their lives in the development of this country. It has been met with great disappointment in our community, which has spent years on its construction and has reached retirement, which we define as a sacred right by paying premiums for years.”

“Sayyanen, the gap between the other segments will be closed with the increase”

Emphasizing that millions of retirees want an additional increase in salaries by 25 percent, Ergün concluded his letter with the following words:

“As retirees, our demand is to make an improvement that will provide some relief to our retirees, to reduce the lowest pension to the minimum wage level, and to pay at least 25+4 thousand liras to those who have a monthly salary above 7 thousand 500 liras, as promised, and in real terms, the state It is the realization of protected social security. In this way, the gap between the other segments will be closed and a fair application will be achieved.”

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