“350 million electric vehicle ownership is predicted in 10 years”

This week’s guest of the Automotive Summit 2023 was Autorola Turkey General Manager Oğuzhan Saygı.

Saying that as Autorola, they are a company that mostly designs and manages the digital transformation of companies, Saygı said, “In 2022, at a time when the sales of new vehicles decreased by 8 percent globally and at the same time the sales of second-hand vehicles were improving, 780,000 vehicles were sold in Turkey. . Therefore, the market actually grew by 6 percent. The second hand market is about 10 times that. Here we can talk about a figure of 8 million units. When we evaluate the first 4 months of 2023, there is a 57 percent growth compared to last year. In the second-hand vehicle market, when we look at the first 4 months, we see a growth of 43 percent.”

Respect “It is foreseen to own 350 million electric vehicles in 10 years. The electric vehicle market, which is currently around 10-15 million, will grow in this way; We think that around 6.9 million charging points will be activated.”

Expressing that mobility and digitalization can be considered as an important trend, “Online processes regarding vehicle purchase and sale need to be designed. Consumers now prefer to make all their purchases online after the pandemic. Here, around 83 percent of people prefer to buy their vehicles online, this rate was around 43 percent before the pandemic.

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