Altar: I want to make the UK the center of AI regulation

In his speech at the opening of London TechWeek, Sunak said that innovation is one of the greatest forces transforming people’s lives and is now an opportunity for human development that can surpass the Industrial Revolution.

Expressing that it is necessary to act quickly in this area, Sunak continued as follows:

“If we want to not only maintain our position as one of the world’s tech capitals, but to grow and make the UK the best place to invest in technology, we have to be fast. I have a sense of urgency about it. We will become the world leader in AI. We will make the UK a purely intellectual hub in AI.” “I want to make it the center of not only global AI security regulations, but also the center of global AI security regulations. That’s why the UK will also host the first global summit on AI this year. Just as we are united in preventing climate change, global cooperation on AI is needed.”

Sunak stated that the most important reason for choosing the UK in technology investments is “leadership” and said, “Do you trust the people responsible for what you are trying to do with this government and with me as your prime minister? You can judge us by our actions, not by votes.” said.

Stating that they have established a pro-investment tax system, Sunak also announced that he has established the HSBC Innovation Banking unit and that a16z, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has opened a new center in London.

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