Anthropic develops the most powerful AI with $5 billion


US-based artificial intelligence research company OpenAI’s old managers artificial intelligence company founded by anthropicopen of AI He stared at his throne. The company will provide the most strong artificial intelligence announced that it plans to develop the model.

The company’s goal is rival OpenAI’of gaining market dominance, OneA lot To be the developer of artificial intelligence technology in the sector. Company, temporarily “Claude-Nextcalled “, plans to build a “frontier model” 10 times more capable than today’s most powerful AI announced.

anthropicreleased Claude after a closed beta late last year. March It was commercially released in months of opened it up for use in different sectors. The company’snew artificial intelligence with the model, customersWhat services it provides include artificial intelligenceprime document analysisadvanced, medical patient aanalysisforward, mcustomer service emailsbdocument editing and text creation, ChatbotDsearch using native language answers systems, human resourcesbut analysisforward, ttherapy and coachingsanal assistant and hprimary education systems will be.

anthropic, OpenAI’s former vice president of research dario amodei by, OpenAI’s including former policy leader Jack Clark. group OpenAIsoftware engineer with employee in 2021 was established.

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