Artificial intelligence-assisted dubbing is coming to YouTube


The video content platform YouTube is artificial intelligence dubbing with supportlara adds a new dimension. Company, A new tool to help creators automatically transcribe their videos into other languages ​​using AI it’s called. YouTube, artificial intelligence assisted voiceover service aloud collaborate withti. Company, As of June 2023, creators have voiced more than 10,000 videos in over 70 languages. explainwas.

of YouTube Urune Yfrom the rule Sexecutive vice president Amjad Hanif said YouTube is currently testing the tool with “hundreds” of creators.

Artificial intelligence with The ability to easily copy languages ​​can expand a creator’s reach without having to do anything else.allows it to. Artificial intelligence The assisted dubbing product transcribes a video for the creator, then translates it and produces a dubbed version.

in the first place from english Spanish and to portuguese be dubbedmoment in the system in the future It is stated that more language options will be offered.

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