Baidu develops AI chatbot to rival Chat GPT


Chinese search giant Baidu launches AI chatbot similar to OpenAI’s Chat GPThe’s eating. UThe app will be available in March. announced. Name not yet disclosed artificial intelligence chatbotusersla talk with service supply and companysupport staffof their and replace live operatorscost is expected.

Unlike Chat GPT, Baidu wants to design its AI to interact with current data. The new service builds on Baidu’s many other AI research and products. Last year, Baidu showed off a virtual human named Xijiajia who can draw a picture of a cat on demand. Xijiajia, Baidu’s digital human ambassador it happened.

Chinese search company Baidu is also working on AI products related to enterprise cloud services and autonomous vehicles.

Chat GPT if thanks to its clear answers and detailed problem-solving approach in a short time Gathered more than one million users.

Chat GPT features why?

Chat GPT, answering complex questions in chat style Open AI firmn developed artificial intelligence program. using deep learningThe with-based model uses large amounts of data to accurately predict the next word in a sentence.takes advantage of. It takes data from textbooks and various articles on websites to provide its own language for interacting with people. GPT-3.5 model is by far the most popular version of Chat GPT.

Chat GPT, Like a personal tutor who knows almost everything, she can give natural answers to many questions. For this reason, it is shown as an alternative to Google.

Chat GPT by Sam Altman in 2015 and The product of Open AI company founded by Elon Musk in San Francisco. Musk resigned from the board in February 2018. One of the company’s biggest investors if Microsoft. As will be remembered American technology giant Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellaexpanding partnership with billions of dollars investment in artificial intelligence company Open AIeat explain that you are preparedhad been.

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