Biden meets Sunak before NATO Summit

US President Biden visited London, the capital of England, before the NATO Summit, which will be held in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, on July 11-12.

Biden met with Sunak in the garden of Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 as part of his visit to England.

At the meeting, the Atlantic Declaration came to the fore

After the Biden-Salak meeting, a spokesperson from Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 said in a statement that the leaders discussed the progress made since the Atlantic Declaration was announced last month, which envisions economic cooperation between the UK and the US.

In the statement, it was noted that Sunak and Biden agreed to hold the first high-level meeting between the Prime Minister’s Office Number 10 and the White House representatives in October in order to make progress within the scope of the declaration.

Leaders discussed international partners’ support for Ukraine

In the meeting, before the NATO Summit to be held this week, Sunak and Biden agreed on the need to strengthen the alliance and continue support for Ukraine.

Discussing the progress made in the counteroffensive, the two stressed the importance of the long-term defense commitment of Ukraine’s international partners to provide the support Ukraine needs to win this war and secure a just and lasting peace. They agreed that the full membership of NATO to NATO should be achieved quickly.

Biden and Sunak also discussed the wider geopolitical context, including the Indo-Pacific and Iran, the statement said.

Biden: Britain’s relations with the US are very solid

According to the news in the British press, Biden, in his statement before the meeting, said that Britain’s relations with the United States are very solid.

Sunak also stated that they will discuss with Biden the issue of how they can strengthen the cooperation between the UK and the USA and the common economic security for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

After his meeting with Sunak, Biden will meet with King of England Charles III at Windsor Castle and will then travel to Vilnius, Lithuania to attend the 74th NATO Summit.

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