BinBin expands to Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria with GO Sharing acquisition


Worldwide; Electric scooters (e-scooters), which are among the environmentalist, micro-mobility options for the solution of air pollution and traffic congestion problems, are rapidly becoming widespread in Turkey.

BinBin, the electric scooter rental platform, founded in 2019 with 20 scooters by 5 founding partners, announced that it has acquired GO Sharing, a mobility startup that provides e-moped and e-bike services based in the Netherlands. Kadir Abdik, one of the founding partners of BinBin, told Bloomberg HT about the details of the purchase, the rapid growth in the e-mobility sector, and the solutions for sidewalk violations and user complaints in cities where electric scooters are used extensively, especially in Istanbul.

BinBin opens to European market with GO Sharing acquisition

BinBin CEO Kadir Abdik on the acquisition of GO Sharing “BinBin brand under We serve more than 3 million users in 21 cities in 4 countries consisting of Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With our new purchase, we include the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Germany in the countries we currently serve. Our total number of scooters is 25 thousand. With this new acquisition, our fleet will achieve significant growth. With the acquisition of GO Sharing, which now operates in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, we have made a leap in our overseas growth. We will further accelerate our growth abroad by bringing together the experiences, know-how and infrastructure of GO Sharing and BinBin to create synergy.”

Micromobility industry expected to reach $214 billion by 2030

One of the basic needs in the daily life cycle is transportation. While reaching from one place to another in the city becomes more difficult with each passing day, especially in big cities, environmental friendly micromobility solutions are also emerging as an alternative.

The rapid growth in the micromobility sector, especially electric scooters preferred by the younger generation, BinBin CEO said: “Micromobility is a fairly new concept, but it is growing very fast due to the increasing urbanization in the world and the increasing need for environmentally friendly transportation solutions due to the climate crisis. Micromobility, which brings advantages such as flexibility, sustainability and cost efficiency in transportation, contributes to quality of life, health, reducing traffic jams and reducing emissions by reducing the use of private vehicles. The micromobility market, which has a size of 44 billion dollars in the world by 2020, is expected to reach 214 billion dollars in 2030. told as.

There are 60 thousand scooters and 7 million users across Turkey.

Stating that there are 60 thousand scooters and 7 million users in Turkey, Abdik said, “There are currently 60 thousand scooters and 7 million users in Turkey, which has grown in parallel with the world. The market size, which is currently 50 million dollars, is estimated to reach 10 to 15 billion dollars in 2030. This means that 30 percent of transportation expenditures will be for micromobility. As one of the leading players in the industry, we are working to support this development. We have grown 5 times in the last year. Our goal is to ensure that 2 out of 3 people using transportation vehicles switch to micromobility vehicles by 2025.” gave the information.

Kadir Abdik plans to expand abroad: “Our goal is to become one of the top 3 micromobility companies operationally in the field in Europe. For this, the purchase of GO Sharing has made a great contribution to us. We also want to become a super app in terms of transportation, we aim to be a full-fledged transportation platform that will fill every leg of transportation in every country we are in.
We have set our target to regulate our domestic and international growth. In this context, we are constantly evaluating the opportunities in Europe, and when a new purchasing opportunity arises, we can realize this investment. Our sector has operationally difficult processes, so especially big players will continue to develop by acquiring small players. Currently, there are many players in the sector around the world, but we expect 2 or 3 micromobility companies per country in the future.” summarized as.

About his electric charging station investments, Abdik said, “We established our Q Charge electric charging station company in 2022 and started working. Currently, we are one of 18 companies that have managed to receive government support from over 90 companies that have obtained licenses. Our goal is to establish our charging network in 81 provinces by the end of 2024.” said.

“We will establish 290 parking stations by the end of the year for parking complaints”

The unconscious use of scooters and the occupation of pavements by users in heavily used cities, especially in Istanbul, come to the fore very often. To our question, ‘What measures are being taken regarding these complaints’, Abdik said, ‘Electric scooters are rapidly becoming widespread all over the world as an environmentally friendly and practical alternative to transportation in big cities like Istanbul where there is a traffic problem.

We are very sensitive about scooters that block the passage on the sidewalks. Our teams in the field intervene in such vehicles as soon as possible. Parking areas offer an important solution opportunity. That’s why we took action on this issue before municipalities and started to create our own scooter parking stations. As of today, we have created a total of 58 scooter parking stations in front of public transportation stops and shopping malls in 8 cities. We continue our efforts to create new stations, and we aim to increase the number of parking stations by 5 times by the end of 2023.

We are also implementing practices that will encourage our users to leave their vehicles in BinBin or municipal parking areas instead of roadsides. In our application, we apply parking bans by marking the areas that will negatively affect pedestrian transportation. In addition, we define our and the municipality’s parking stations as colorful areas, define discounts and direct users to use these areas. With the BinZone events we started last year, we raised awareness of safe driving in our test drive areas to 30 thousand people in 11 provinces.” gave the answer.

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