Borsa Istanbul ranks 28th in the world


In 2022, unlike the global markets, Borsa Istanbul had become the center of the search for returns in an environment of negative real interest rates and high inflation. The market value of the BIST-100 index, which recorded an increase of nearly 200 percent in the whole of 2022, increased from TL 2.18 trillion at the end of 2021 to TL 6.21 trillion.

After the sharp increase in the market value last year, the total market value of Borsa Istanbul decreased to 5.7 trillion TL as of April 12, with the withdrawals since the beginning of 2023.

Compared to the market values ​​of the stock exchanges in the world, Borsa Istanbul, with $291 billion as of the end of January this year, ranked 28th in the world stock markets.

According to the data of the Turkish Capital Markets Association, while the US stock markets took the first place in the world’s market value, New York Stock Exchange ranked first with 25.2 trillion dollars, and Nasdaq OMX took the second place with 17.9 trillion dollars. China Shanghai stock market in third place; It came after the US stock markets with a market value of $6.65 trillion.

Borsa Istanbul ranked 20th in the world with a volume of 794 billion dollars at the end of 2021.

While the US stock markets rank first in trading volume as well as in market value, the total trading volume on the Nasdaq OMX stock exchange, which ranks first in trading volume, was 73.3 trillion dollars. The trading volume of the New York Stock Exchange, which followed it, approached 30 trillion dollars.

While BIST ranks first in the world with a turnover rate of 574 percent, its share holding period has decreased to less than 30 days.

Borsa İstanbul ranked first in the world in 2021, as it did in the previous year, with a turnover rate of 574 percent. With a turnover rate of 355 percent, the Chinese Shenzhen Stock Exchange was the second fastest, while Taiwan’s Taipei was the third with a turnover rate of 346 percent, and the US Nasdaq was the fourth fastest stock market in the world with a turnover rate of 298 percent.

In addition to the high turnover rate, the holding period of foreigners in Borsa Istanbul decreased from 45 days to 29 days in 2022, while the period remained constant at 27 days for domestic investors in the same period.

Borsa İstanbul ranks 28th in the world in the number of listed companies.

In Borsa Istanbul, where 40 new public offerings took place last year, a total of 12 public offerings were held this year.

As of the end of January 2023, the total number of companies in Borsa Istanbul was 468, while Borsa Istanbul ranked 28th in the world in the number of companies.

China NEEQ (Chinese National Stock Exchange and Quotation) stock exchange has the highest number of companies listed among the world stock exchanges, with 6,608 companies. The Chinese stock market was followed by the Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange with 3,852 companies and the US Nasdaq OMX stock market with 3,852 companies.

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