Brisa/Guzel: We increased our market share in nearly 25 countries

This week’s guest of the Automotive Summit 2023 was Brisa Marketing and International Markets Deputy General Manager Evren Güzel.

Güzel said, “We can say that 2022 has followed a very challenging and fluctuating course for the automotive industry. When we look at the general results, we see that automobiles and light commercial vehicles in the world went quite horizontally last year and did not show any growth. But when we came to Turkey, we were faced with a very different development. Automotive and light commercial vehicles grew by 6.6 percent in Turkey. The spread of this to the tire industry was the same. While the tire industry is around 1 percent in the world, the data point to a growth of 3.5-4 percent in Turkey,” he said.

Güzel “There was a lot of difference between the first quarter and the last quarter of 2022. We are currently exporting our Lassa products to over 88 countries. We continued to increase our market share in nearly 25 countries. In general, 2022 was a very positive year for the sector despite all kinds of difficulties. In 2023, a challenging year awaits us not only in Turkey but also globally. The market has followed a positive course so far. As Brisa, we position ourselves as a mobility player. In this sense, 2023 constitutes an important place as a beautiful intersection of this transformation.”

Saying that we are facing a technology revolution, Güzel said, “A huge transformation is expected in the ecosystem. As Brisa, we took a big step in the mobility transformation in 2022. We bought Arvento. Arvento currently has 56 thousand registered fleet customers and these customers have very important registered data. We can create great value through data.”

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