Cash loans exceeded TL 8.2 trillion

As of January 1, 2023, cash loans extended by institutions that are members of the Risk Center of the Banks Association of Turkey increased by 58 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 8,241 billion TL.

Of the cash loans, TL 7,979 billion banks (55 banks), TL 121 billion financial leasing companies (21 financial leasing companies), TL 61 billion (20 financing companies) and TL 80 billion factoring companies (49 factoring company).

Receivables to be liquidated2 As of January 2023, it was TL 201 billion. 191 billion TL of the receivables to be liquidated to the banks; TL 7 billion belongs to financial leasing companies, TL 2 billion belongs to factoring companies and TL 1 billion belongs to financing companies. As of January 2023, the ratio of receivables to be liquidated to total loans decreased by 1.2 points compared to the previous year and became 2.4 percent.

Commercial loans reached 6.6 trillion TL

Commercial loans increased by 58 percent to TL 6.6 trillion. The share of commercial loans in the total amounted to 80 percent. Manufacturing industry has the highest share with 30 percent in commercial loans. The other main sector with a share of 10 percent or more is the wholesale and retail trade sector.

The sector with the highest rate of receivables to be liquidated as of January 2023; It was the energy sector with 5.8 percent. This sector was followed by the construction sector with 5.2% and the tourism sector with 4.1%.

Retail loans 3 exceeded TL 1.6 trillion

Individual loans extended by banks and non-bank financial institutions increased by 63 percent to 1.641 billion TL. While 99 percent of individual loans are extended by banks, 10.4 billion TL of 14.6 billion TL of personal loans extended by finance and financial leasing companies consists of vehicle loans.

Consumer loans accounted for 39 percent, housing loans 22 percent, credit cards 30 percent, vehicle loans 3.8 percent and overdraft accounts 4.9 percent of individual loans. The ratio of receivables to be liquidated in personal loans was realized as 2.2 percent.

The number of customers using personal loans reached 38.3 million

The number of people using personal loans (excluding non-performing loans) increased by 2 million people in the last year to 38.3 million people, while the average loan balance was 42.9 thousand TL.

Istanbul is the province with the highest share in personal loans.

As of January 2023, Istanbul has 29 percent, Ankara 9 percent and Izmir 7 percent personal loan share. Hakkari was the province with the highest increase in retail loan balance in the last 12 months with 182 percent. The provinces with the highest average personal loan (including credit card) total balance per capita were Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, respectively.

Private sector’s foreign loan debt decreased

Increase in deposits of the banking sector

Foreign currency deposits increased by $1.13 billion

The amount accumulated in KKM and participation accounts has increased

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