CBRT Chairman Erkan: Price stability is very important for financial stability

Hafize Gaye Erkan, President of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), met with bank executives at the Istanbul Finance Center in Ataşehir.

In a joint statement with Alpaslan Çakar, Chairman of the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) after the meeting, CBRT President Erkan emphasized price stability. Erkan said in his speech:

“We met with the banking sector, it was a very productive meeting. They conveyed their problems and demands to us in the process of simplifying the macro-prudential framework. I am sure that all our economic units have rolled up their sleeves to fight inflation in line with the economic targets set by our government. I’m sure. Price stability is very important for financial stability. We will fight inflation by ensuring both price and financial stability.”

TBB/Çakar: It was a very productive meeting

TBB Chairman of the Board of Directors Çakar also used the following statements regarding the meeting:

“Last week, our Minister of Treasury and Finance, Mr. Mehmet Şimşek, attended. Our President, although it was a very short time, they came, thanks to them. We met with the Board of the Banks Association. Everyone expressed their views one by one. The global economy, the past, the present and the future of the banking sector. We talked. The main goal of all of us is more investment, employment, production, financial stability. The issue of increasing the social welfare of our people. We worked on these. It was a very productive meeting. I hope we will reach better results together.”

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