China: EU should clarify strategic partnership with Beijing

According to the news of Xinhua, Vang Yi, Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Office of the Communist Party of China (CCP), met with the EU High Representative for Foreign Relations and Security Policy Josep Borrell as part of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s statement, Wang said that there is no fundamental conflict of interest between the EU and China, and urged the EU to take steps to advance relations on the current basis.

Stating that communication with the EU should be strengthened, mutual trust should be increased and bilateral cooperation should be deepened in line with the common interests of both sides, Vang emphasized that the EU should bring more “clarity” to its stance in its strategic partnership with Beijing.

Vang drew attention to the fact that the EU should not hesitate in its relations with China.

Expressing their readiness to work with the EU to harmonize the global initiatives of both sides, including the EU’s Global Gateway strategy and China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Vang said that China and the EU will jointly embrace globalization and the free trade system by adopting an inclusive approach. He said he needed protection.

At the same time, Vang noted that the EU and China should take measures together against the politicization of economic issues and the use of the “risk reduction” strategy as “segregation”.

Borrell also shared on Twitter, describing his meeting with Vang as “deep” and “constructive” and stated that they discussed the Russia-Ukraine War, Taiwan issue and China-EU relations.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, announced on April 18 that the EU needs to reduce risks by clearly identifying opportunities and challenges, rather than dividing in its relations with China, and that it does not want to sever economic, social, political and scientific ties.

China’s Foreign Minister, China Gang, said that the EU’s “risk reduction” strategy with China would cause “Europe to lose China” and deprive it of the stability, development and opportunities that cooperation with its country would bring.

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