China to scrutinize ChatGPT-like solutions

China joins the list of countries opposing ChatGPT.

China plans to conduct a security review before advanced AI services are allowed to operate.

In draft guidelines seeking public feedback, the China Cyberspace Administration (CAC) said service providers must ensure that content is accurate, respects intellectual property, does not discriminate, and does not compromise security.

The country’s internet controller said in a statement posted on its website that AI operators must also clearly identify AI-generated content.

The CAC’s demands have contributed to Beijing’s efforts to regulate the explosive growth of advanced AI since ChatGPT revived the industry in November.

Finally, the Chinese technology company Alibaba Group introduced the artificial intelligence application ‘Tongyi Qianwen’, which it developed to rival ChatGPT. SenseTime Group Inc. from Alibaba. and Baidu all aim to create the next generation artificial intelligence platform for the world’s largest internet market, while the developments are creating uncertainty.

Italy was the first to ban

Italy was the first country to ban ChatGPT, the popular artificial intelligence chatbot of US startup OpenAI. Italy in this decision; He cited a data breach in OpenAI that allowed users to view threads of conversations other users had with the chatbot.

Later, in a statement made by Germany, it was stated that it could follow Italy’s footsteps by blocking Chat-GPT due to data security concerns.

The United States has not yet proposed any official bills to bring surveillance to artificial intelligence technology. The country’s National Institute of Science and Technology, meanwhile, has laid out a national framework that provides guidance on managing risks and potential harms to companies that use, design or deploy AI systems. However, this framework is voluntary, meaning that companies do not face any consequences because they do not comply with the rules.

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