Continuing the application of upper limit for rent increase in residences

Minister of Justice Yılmaz Tunç made a statement to AA regarding the implementation of the lease arrangement and real estate sales contracts at the notary public’s offices.

Minister Tunç reminded that the regulation imposing a 25 percent increase limit on rents was made last year and that it has a one-year period, and stated that this period will expire as of 1 July.

Stating that a new decision should be taken in line with the demands regarding the rent regulation, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced this arrangement yesterday at his party’s Parliamentary Group Meeting, Tunç said, “July 1 was included in the last year’s period. From July 2, 2023, to July 2, 2024. The rent increase in residential rents will be applied as an upper limit of 25 percent for one year until the deadline.

Noting that as the Ministry of Justice, they have completed the technical work on rent regulation, Tunç said that the regulation will come to the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Minister Tunç stated that this issue will be one of the first works of the Assembly after the feast and that the regulation will be enacted with the bag law to be presented.

Stating that some complaints were received from citizens about exorbitant rents and that they could not be ignored, Tunç said that the Ministry of Commerce took some measures regarding exorbitant prices. Yılmaz Tunç reminded that the penalties for exorbitant prices were made before.

Stating that mediation in rent disputes will become a condition of litigation as of September, Minister of Justice Tunç stated that these disputes will be resolved peacefully without going to the courts. Minister Tunç stated that they wanted the disputes between the landlord and the tenant not to deepen.

“The sale of real estate will also take place at the weekends”

Making explanations about the practice of making real estate sales contracts at notary publics, Tunç reminded that legal regulations have been made on this issue.

Stating that the new application will reduce the density in the land registry offices and enable the citizens to complete their transactions in a shorter and faster time, Tunç continued as follows:

“As of July 4, real estate sales and real estate sales will be possible at our notaries. This is important. Our notaries are open on weekends with the notary on duty. Therefore, real estate sales can only be made at the land registry offices on weekdays. will come true.”

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