Controlmatik/Aslanhan: Pomega Energy starts production in July


Sami Aslanhan, Chairman of the Board of Kontrolmatik Teknoloji, a technology and engineering company that produces energy storage systems, satellite technologies, and industrial solutions, announced that the Pomega Energy Storage Technologies company, which they established in Ankara Polatlı, will start production in July.

Polatlı, one of the subsidiaries of Kontrolmatik Teknoloji, will have an annual capacity of 500 megawatts in the first phase and 1.5 gigawatts in the second phase of the lithium-ion (LiFEPO4) battery cell and energy storage systems facility in Ankara, Turkey’s first private sector investment.

Evaluating the financial results of the first quarter of 2023, Sami Aslanhan, Chairman of the Board of Kontrolmatik Teknoloji, said, “There is an increase in turnover in the first quarter results of 2023 compared to the first quarter of the previous year. Since we are not like the retail industry, we need to look at the end of the year, not the quarter. With the completion of the projects at the end of the year, the year-end balance sheet gives a better picture. Currently, the EBITDA side is negative as our investments continue. Teams have been established in Pomega Turkey, non-investment operating costs have started, but since production has not started, income cannot be recorded, so there is a negative situation.” made the statement.

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Regarding his investments, Sami Aslanhan said, “Pomega Energy Storage Technologies will have production facilities in Ankara in Turkey and in two countries in the state of South Carolina in the USA. We are planning to cut the ribbon of the factory before Eid and start production in July, very soon in Pomega Turkey. In our Ankara factory, there will be an annual production of 500 megawatts and 750 megawatts. The investment of the second phase has also started. The second phase is about 3 times the investment of the first, 1.5 gigawatts of investment is completed at the end of the year. There is less construction work there, so it will be completed in a shorter time.” he said.

“In the USA pomega TOEnergy Storage our investment, of 2024 It will start production in the 4th quarter”

Regarding the investment process in the USA, Controlmatik Chairman Aslanhan said, “The usage areas in energy storage will be for homes, industrial, city networks, energy investments, vehicle systems. On the investment side in the USA, land was purchased in February, and construction began with field operations and ground operations. Our goal in the USA is to start production at our Pomega facility in the last quarter of 2024. On the other hand, Kontrolmatik Teknoloji offers solutions in approximately 35 countries, and most of its turnover comes from foreign revenues. Our overseas sales were 1 billion TL last year, this year our turnover will be higher. We are increasing our target in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. Energy storage is our new business line and we are targeting the North African, European and Middle Eastern markets. The factory in the USA will produce entirely for the USA market.” said.

The company allocates more than three percent of its turnover to R&D expenditures. The manpower target at Kontrolmatik Teknoloji is to reach an engineering staff of 1,000 by the end of the year.

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