Decline in Bloomberg HT consumer confidence

Bloomberg HT Consumer Confidence Index data for June has been announced.

Accordingly, the Consumer Confidence Pre-Index based on 100 for 2013, calculated for the 1st period of June 2023, was 76.38, the Consumer Expectation Pre-Index was 87.07 and the Consumption Tendency Pre-Index was 69.00.

Bloomberg HT Consumer Confidence Preliminary Index decreased by 3.20 percent in June compared to the previous month and became 76.38.

Looking at the details of the index, we observe a slight decline in the consumer’s perception of the current situation and expectations for the future. It is observed that an important factor in the decline of the index is the relatively rapid upward movement in exchange rates and the upward trend in inflation and the decline in purchasing power.

In this context, the Bloomberg HT Consumer Expectation Preliminary Index decreased by 1.44 percent to 87.07.

On the other hand, the Bloomberg HT Consumption Tendency Preliminary Index, which tries to measure the suitability of the current period for durable consumer goods, automobile and housing purchases, takes a value of 69.00 with a slight increase of 0.23 percent.

The main factor behind the increase in the consumption trend is thought to be the continuation of the demand, which was put forward due to the prices expected to rise due to the exchange rate.

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