Denunciation of Denizbank – Bloomberg HT

In the statement made by Denizbank Financial Services Group, it was announced that an investigation was started against Levent Büyükdere Branch Manager Seçil E., regarding the allegation that he defrauded some of the leading names in the football and business world.

In the statement, which stated that a criminal complaint was filed with the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, the following statements were included: “Due to the inability to reach the person in question, our bank requested a travel ban on Seçil E., and our regulatory and supervisory agency was also informed.

As of today (April 28, 2023), the inspection by our Board of Inspectors has been concluded and the comprehensive inspection report, together with all its annexes, is sent to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, Simultaneously, a copy of the inspection report is sent to the relevant supervisory and regulatory agencies, and to Levent Büyükdere, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by 28 cameras. The records of our branch were delivered to the financial police to be presented to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, and the computer used by Seçil E. was handed over to the financial police to be presented to the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

“Most of those who were allegedly harmed did not apply to the prosecutor’s office”

“In the complaints made to our bank, many of the people claiming to have been harmed have not applied to the prosecutor’s office until today, although we have directed them to clarify the matter as soon as possible. As of today (28 April 2023), the number of applications that followed us is only three.

No document produced by the bank system regarding cash deliveries has been submitted to us to date. The documents claimed to be official are not produced based on the records of the banking system, but are some documents that are claimed to have been issued by Seçil E., that do not have a counterpart in the legislation, that contain short-term amounts, that do not have a payment commitment, that are written on an agenda sheet or plain A4 paper. A very important part of the claimants did not submit any documents to our Bank.

Some claimants hand-delivered the money they had withdrawn from their accounts in our branches, in places such as shopping malls, restaurants and cafes, in order to join the fund named after one of the complainants. In short, the system is a different structure that was established by individuals other than our Bank and branches, and named after one of the complainants.

All claimants are qualified investors with sufficient knowledge and equipment on how banking transactions work. As these people are very familiar with the investment products of our Bank, they can monitor their assets through internet banking, mobile banking, telephone banking and asset statements regularly sent to them, as well as our branches. They also have the opportunity to inquire about all investment products, including all kinds of funds, from anywhere in the world via e-government or Central Registry Agency.

As we announced in our previous statement, banks are reputation and trust institutions established by law and regularly audited within the framework of this law. We do not respond to these statements, which are reflected in the press and contain unfounded accusations, in detail and by name, in accordance with the legislation and banking ethics we are subject to. On the other hand, since the news made by consciously and deliberately highlighting the names of our Bank and our executives are false news that will damage the reputation of the bank within the meaning of Article 74 of the Banking Law no. We also inform the public that we will exercise all our legal rights in this matter.”

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