Digital art festival opened its doors in Istanbul


Turkey’s first Digital Art Festival, where different fields of kinetic art, bioart, algorithmic arts and new media are featured, started at Atatürk Cultural Center on 2-5 June. More than 40 local and foreign artists are participating in the digital art festival this year.

Based on the questions asked about digital art, the festival will feature different fields of kinetic art, bioart, algorithmic arts and new media.

In addition to audio and visual performances at the festival; Panels and workshops will be held on many topics such as artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, bioart, biodesign, 6G technologies. In addition, there will be many activities with rich content for children and young people at the festival. These are; PayPorter Youth Workshops, Explorer Children’s Workshops, Diji Theater Shows. With their works at the festival, the artists will show that science, technology and art can intersect, and they will contribute to how the boundaries between these phenomena can evolve into new ways by melting.

Answering BloombergHT’s questions, the main supporter of the Digital Art Festival, Pasha Bank Acting General Manager Ayşe Hale Yıldırım, said about the digital art festival, “Turkey has achieved an important breakthrough in the field of digital art. While the NFT projects of many of our artists made a worldwide impact, different digital artworks produced by our young artists began to attract great attention. While digitalization in the field of art is increasing day by day both in our country and in the world, we stand by our artists and art with the support we give to this field. In art, we are now talking about NFTs. So much so that even among the most expensive works of art in the world, there is an NFT work. We can say that there is a serious shift in digital art during the pandemic period. Although the global art market experienced a small contraction at that time, the share of digital art in the global art market began to increase. As an industry that is so central to digitalization, our support for digital art also overlaps with the dynamics of our industry.”

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