Disposal of unsold textile products in the EU is prohibited

The European Union (EU) Council announced that the member states have determined their common positions on the new regulation that will determine the environmental design conditions for sustainable products.

Accordingly, environmental sustainability requirements will be imposed on all goods and products offered to the EU market.

The environmental design regulation will apply to all product categories.

Thus, it will be ensured that certain product groups are efficient in terms of both energy and resource use.

Products will need to be designed to be durable, reliable, reusable, repairable, recyclable and easy to maintain.

With the new “Digital Product Passport”, information about the environmental sustainability of products will be shared. The product passport in question will help consumers make informed choices about the product and help public authorities perform controls and inspections more easily.

The destruction of unsold consumer products will be prevented.

In this context, direct destruction of unsold textiles, shoes and clothing products will be prohibited.

A transitional period will be given to ensure companies comply with this destruction ban.

This ban will reduce the environmental impact of clothing or accessories that are produced but never used.

After this stage, negotiations will be held between the European Parliament (EP) and member states to finalize the regulation.

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