Dönmez: Activation of Black Sea gas will be delayed a bit

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez answered the questions of journalists after the Cabinet Meeting held at the Presidential Complex.

Upon a question about the latest situation in the natural gas trade center, Dönmez said, “Work continues. Our goal is to make it fully operational within a year.” said.

Pointing to the recent focus on the earthquake, Dönmez said, “There is also a need for changes in a couple of laws. It will come to the agenda of the Parliament in the coming days. After that, the legal infrastructure will be completed to a large extent.” used the phrases.

Minister Dönmez, regarding the date of commissioning of the Black Sea gas, “Not much, there may be some delay.” made its assessment.

Noting that some of the employees came from the earthquake area and they had to take care of their families, Dönmez said, “Some of them started to return. This will affect a little, but I will go to the region and evaluate it. It seems like it will probably stay until April.” he said.

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