Economic development message from China to the USA

China gave the message that the US’s efforts to prevent and restrict technology, especially chip production, will not stop the country’s development, on the contrary, it will increase its determination to be innovative and self-sufficient.

State Department Spokesperson Mao Ning evaluated the US Semiconductor Industry Association President John Neuffer’s words in an interview with Bloomberg that China is the “biggest market” of American chip manufacturers and that the US administration wants to access the market despite national security concerns.

Stating that the USA has been pushing the boundaries of the concept of national security, abusing export control measures and restricting exports to China in order to maintain its hegemony for a while, Mao said, “Economic pressures and restrictions cannot stop China’s development, they only need to be innovative and self-sufficient in technology. It increases your stability.” said.

Emphasizing that China is the world’s largest semiconductor market, Mao underlined that it would not be in any party’s interest to sever economic ties, cut supply chains and disrupt the functioning of the market.

Arguing that the USA is trying to prevent or restrict not only China but also many developing countries, Mao said, “The USA wants to take away the development and technological progress that are the right of developing countries and keep them at the bottom of the industrial chain.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that such selfish and tyrannical practices in science and technology are unfair and inconsistent with economic and trade rules, Mao argued that destabilizing industry and supply chains would undermine global economic development and ultimately harm the United States.

Noting that China is open to common development by sharing opportunities with other countries, Mao emphasized that they will also defend their legitimate rights and interests.

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