Elon Musk quits Twitter CEO

In his post on his Twitter account, Musk said, “I am excited to announce that I have hired a new CEO for Twitter. It will start in about 6 weeks.” used the phrase.

Mentioning what his role in the company will be after the new CEO, Musk stated that his role will be Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and he will oversee products, software and services.

While it was understood from Musk’s share that the new CEO will be a woman, the name was not given.

He said he would step down as CEO once he found someone “stupid” enough to take the job.

In December last year, Elon Musk launched a poll on whether he should resign as CEO of Twitter and announced that he would accept the result.

More than 17 million 500 thousand people voted in Musk’s poll. According to the results of the survey, 57.5 percent of the participants expressed their preference for Musk to leave and 42.5 percent to continue.

Musk stated that he would resign as Twitter CEO as soon as he finds someone “stupid” enough to take over the management of the company, and then he will only manage the software and server teams.

Some Tesla shareholders believed Twitter had become a distraction for Musk and worried that he was unable to focus on his duties at Tesla.

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