Erdogan: All natural gas consumption is free for one month

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the citizens will provide the natural gas they use in their kitchens and hot water consumption free of charge for one year, and said, “The cost of the natural gas required for the kitchen and hot water consumption, which is equivalent to an average of 25 cubic meters per month, will be reduced from the bills for one year.” said.

In his speech at the Black Sea Natural Gas Commissioning Ceremony at Zonguldak Filyos Turkish Petroleum Port, President Erdoğan said that they applied a 75 percent discount on natural gas to alleviate the negative effects of the increased energy prices due to the epidemic and global crisis last year.

Noting that the state undertakes 75 lira of every 100 lira natural gas bill that the nation has to pay, Erdogan said, “If you remember again, we said good news to our nation when the first discovery of Black Sea gas was made.” used the phrases.

Expressing that they did not forget their promise to use Turkey’s opportunities in a way that would reflect on the lives of each member of the nation, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“Today, we are fulfilling this promise. Now, I want to share with you two good news that will reduce the natural gas bill in each household of our country. I am explaining our first good news: We provide the natural gas that our citizens use in their kitchens and hot water consumption free of charge for one year. The cost of the natural gas required for the kitchen and hot water consumption will be reduced from the bills for a year. This also means that many households will hardly pay any natural gas bills considering that we are in the summer. Free natural gas is an important part of the budget of all our low-income citizens, especially pensioners and students. I believe that it will contribute to it. I hope that the reflection of this on my citizens in the period after the elections will be manifested in a much different, much more positive way.”

“We make all natural gas consumption free for one month”

Saying “Congratulations on your free natural gas to meet monthly kitchen and hot water consumption,” Erdoğan said, “Now, I am announcing our second good news so that we can experience the joy, happiness and enthusiasm of Black Sea gas for 85 million dollars. “In addition to the kitchen and hot water, we make the entire consumption of natural gas, including heating, free of charge for a month. I wish that this good news will be beneficial for our nation. By Allah’s leave, we will come before our nation with many more good news with the works that are still in progress and that we will start again.”

Expressing that this is what they mean when they say “Don’t stop, keep going”, President Erdoğan said that they will not stop on the path of bringing art to the country, serving the nation and building the Century of Turkey.

“Not tomorrow, right now.” Emphasizing that they will crown the democracy and development infrastructure they have brought to the country in 21 years with the Century of Turkey, Erdoğan continued his words as follows:

“For this, I want you to measure and weigh your choice very carefully and make the right choice on May 14. Turkey has suffered a lot from incompetent politicians who are enemies of trust and stability in the past. When the political institution and political leadership of a country are weak, everyone is staring there. The terrorist organization also rubs their hands. “The moneylender is rubbing his hands, just like those in London. Every country and every segment that has an account or a lawsuit with you is also rubbing their hands. We have left all these enthusiasms in the fields with the struggle we have fought together with our nation. We made our choice in these elections, considering the future of our children, and Turkey” By Allah’s leave, we will disappoint those who are waiting for God to kneel. Here are the works and services, here are the visions, here are the chests, all on your scale.”

“Hopefully, we will make our 2,000 miners work with God’s permission”

Recalling that he had previously said that there would be hiring of 1000 people with his promise regarding the miners, President Erdoğan said, “We are clinching this with 2,000. Hopefully, we will make 2,000 of our miners business owners, with God’s permission.” said.

Meanwhile, upon the shouting of “Zonguldak is proud of you” in the ceremony area, Erdogan said, “We are proud of you too. Even if the gold of this place speaks its language. What martyrs have we given here. The efforts of these martyrs, this nation is marching to the future on their sweat. I hope it’s 14 May. Our nation will measure and weigh it well and will once again make the most accurate and correct decision for itself and its future. he said.

Wishing the Black Sea natural gas to be beneficial to the country and the nation again, Erdoğan wished the good news for the citizens that the first 1 month of the residences will be completely free, and the part used in the kitchen and water heating will be free for a year.

Expressing that he congratulated the ministers, institution managers, contractors, staff and everyone who contributed to every stage of the project from the first day of the project, President Erdoğan said, “We will never forget our heroes who made history by bringing us two holidays together.” used the phrases.

“Are you ready now? Let the whole of Turkey hear with enthusiasm. Are we OK?” “One nation, one flag, one homeland, one state. We will be one. We will be big. We will be alive. We will be brothers. Together we will be Turkey.” said.

“I hope our nation starts to use its own gas from now on”

After his speech, Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, presented President Erdoğan with a gift to commemorate the day.

Black Sea natural gas started to be delivered to the land with a torch, which was lit when Erdoğan and his entourage pressed the button.

As President Erdogan pressed the button, “Black Sea gas, ‘Sakarya pure child innocent Anatolia, the two of us remained the sofa of Allah’s way.’ We said that now we are firing the natural gas of the Black Sea, with God’s permission, on this road. Our nation is now starting to use its own gas, I hope, from now on. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.” used the phrases.

Asking for the dose to be increased a little more after the gas was ignited, Erdoğan said, “Now the pressure will increase a little more and after that, we will see our tumultuous natural gas more majestic. Thank you, good luck to our 85 million people. My Lord has blessed us with this day too. May it be bountiful.” he said.

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