Erdogan: The lowest pension will be 7 thousand 500 liras

President Erdogan made a statement on live broadcast.

Explaining that the minimum pension will be 7 thousand 500 liras, Erdoğan said, “We have done our work on retirees. We have determined this figure with our Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. It is up to me to explain it again. Let me give you the good news here tonight. Let me give it 7 thousand 500 liras.” We are announcing it here tonight,” he said.

“The ground beef was determined as 119 lira, the cubed meat as 129 lira”

“These increases are purely speculative. You cannot explain this with cost. We will definitely prevent speculative increases. Our Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock has made a statement on this subject. We will offer products with reasonable prices to our citizens. Meat and Dairy Institution will double the amount of ground meat and cubes, the price is 119 liras,” Erdogan said. It was determined as 129 lira for cubed meat,” he said.

“22 thousand 150 orders were placed before 24 hours were up”

Speaking about TOGG, Erdogan said, “The demand from this factory is 80 thousand so far. Orders are high. 22 thousand 150 orders were placed before the first 24 hours. He received twice as many orders in just 6 days. TOGG’s production target is 1 million production by 2030,” he said.

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