Erdogan: We will bring Gabar oil to our nation

Erdogan addressed the citizens at the party’s rally held at the Erzurum new rally area.

Emphasizing that in addition to the Black Sea gas, they offer the country’s energy resources to the benefit of the nation with the oil found in Gabar, Erdoğan said:

“We brought the Black Sea natural gas, which they said, ‘There is no gas,’ to our country. We put it at the disposal of the citizens. To share this pride with our nation, we made natural gas free for one month. For the next year, your use of 25 cubic meters will be deducted from your bill every month. It has a production capacity of 100 thousand barrels per day. We will bring our Gabar oil, which has our own, and our nation. Of course, when we say we have found oil, someone immediately asks for its quality. I say to them that our oil is the consistency of Erzurum mulberry molasses. That is, it is of the highest standard with its quality and purity. We will continue our natural gas and oil exploration activities both on land and at sea. We will continue to work until we gain our energy independence.”

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