Eren: We are starting to talk about employment contracts with contractors in Saudi Arabia

Erdal Eren, President of the Turkish Contractors Association, who was a guest of Bloomberg HT, made evaluations about the foreign contracting incomes of Turkish contracting companies and possible projects to be realized in Saudi Arabia.

Eren stated that the projects completed so far in 133 countries have exceeded 480 billion dollars. “After the Russia-Ukraine war, our projects in Ukraine decreased to 600 million dollars as of June 2023.” Eren said that all projects and tenders in Ukraine stopped.

On the other hand, Eren reminded that a delegation from Saudi Aramco came to Ankara and stated that they held a meeting for two days. Stating that only Saudi Aramco has an annual investment volume of 50 billion dollars, Eren said, “They said that they could not get the efficiency in the work they did with our colleagues in the business they did with the Far East countries.”

Eren, in his evaluation of the projects that Turkish companies will realize in Saudi Arabia, stated that they want to get a share from the 3 trillion dollar projects of Saudi Arabia. “I hope that we will be able to negotiate employment contracts with Saudi Arabia in the second half of the year,” said Eren, adding that they also have plans to realize projects in Africa and Iraq with UAE financing.

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