EU Schengen visa defense – Bloomberg HT

Anita Hipper, spokesperson of the European Union (EU) Commission, answered the question about the reasons for the increase in the rejection rate for Schengen visa applications from Turkey at the daily press conference.

Anita Hipper said, “I must say frankly that there is no special situation regarding Turkey in this sense.”

On the other hand, Hipper stated that there were delays in visa evaluation processes due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, adding: “Demand is increasing again nowadays. This may sometimes affect visa procedures. However, I would like to reiterate; this is not a unique situation for Turkey.”

within the jurisdiction of the member states

On the question of whether the EU will take any initiative to solve the problem, Hipper stated that visa assessments are always done on an individual basis and are within the responsibility and jurisdiction of the member states.

While 15 percent of Schengen visa applications made in 2022 through missions in Turkey were rejected, this rate increased to around 50 percent this year.

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