“Even for three or four years, it is necessary to maintain company ownership”

Stating that flexibility and adaptation, crisis management, solution-orientedness, result-orientedness, and strong financial literacy are the most sought-after qualities in managers, Stanton Chase Vice President Çağrı Alkaya said that managers who can predict and measure the impact of their work, that is, managers who work with data, are at the forefront.

However, underlining that managers who can manage end-to-end business world and economic realities are also in demand, international executive research and leadership consultancy company Stanton Chase Vice President Çağrı Alkaya made evaluations about the changing labor market with the pandami, employee loyalty and the qualities sought in managers in the Bloomberg HT broadcast he attended.

“Even for three or four years, it is necessary to maintain company ownership”

Underlining that the pandemic has made social inequality very visible, Alkaya said, “Employee loyalty has also become very important, we do not expect anyone to work in a company for 15 years anymore. But even in order to work for three or four years, it is necessary to provide company belonging in addition to the wage.”

Expressing that Turkish managers have become very skilled in navigation in times of crisis and rough waters and they have made a difference in the world, Alkaya said that after 2018, managers all over the world have come to a standard.

“Technology reflects talent”

Underlining that Chat GPT, AI and technological developments should be reflected on talents, Alkaya said:

“The negative side of these can lead to laziness. It makes some lines of business invalid. It provides an advantage as a resource, depending on how it is used. So if you want to access the raw data easily, it is useful, but if you use that raw data in its raw form, it is harmful.

I think that the biggest handicap of managers is prioritization, stakeholder and interest management. With daily operational and short-term goals, it’s hard to focus on long-term initiatives.”

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