Facilitation request from the BRSA for TCIP guarantees in the earthquake zone

In the letter sent from the BRSA to the Banks Association of Turkey and the Participation Banks Association of Turkey, the importance of using TCIP guarantees for companies affected by the earthquake, primarily in the repair of workplaces, was emphasized.

In the letter sent to the unions, it was stated that after the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, very serious financial problems and grievances of the citizens emerged due to the material damages in the real estates, among other issues, and it was understood that some of the demolished or damaged real estates constitute the collateral for the housing loan and some of them constitute the collateral for the other loans used by the customer. transferred.

Various correspondences were made between the Banks Association of Turkey and the Participation Banks Association of Turkey, the Insurance and Private Pensions Regulation and Supervision Agency (SEDDK) and TCIP, in order to clarify the problems and hesitations about the distribution and sharing of the compensation amounts paid by TCIP to the related parties regarding the damage occurred in the earthquake. In the recorded article, the following statements were included:

“In order to overcome the wounds of the earthquake disaster, which has a very high cost to our country and is expected to continue for a while, together with all stakeholders, it will be important for the concerned parties to support the people affected by the earthquake as much as possible. Considering the complaints submitted to our Agency regarding the deductions made by your Association, the correspondences made by SEDDK and TCIP, which were previously sent to the banks via your Association, are considered to be useful. It is important to use the workplace in order for it to be operational again.”

In the statement, referring to the BRSA’s decision dated February 10 and numbered 10507, it is necessary to facilitate the postponement of the principal and interest payments for a minimum of 6 months, depending on the demands of the customers, as of February 6, regarding the loans extended to the customers affected by the earthquake/disaster disaster and whose solvency has deteriorated. importance was noted.

Without prejudice to the shorter-term demands of the customer, the posting of principal and interest payments is deemed appropriate if the customer’s request is not sought in case the postponement is made without demanding interest/profit share, and it is deemed appropriate to do so with the utmost care in compliance with the BRSA legislation and banking principles and practices.

“In this process, it was decided not to cause any unjust treatment to the customers and to provide all kinds of facilities, including additional financing, and this matter was communicated to you with our letter dated 13 February and numbered 76932. In this respect, the necessary sensitivity should be shown within the scope of the aforementioned Board Decision, including the customers whose workplaces were damaged in the earthquake. It is useful to be reminded that it is necessary.”

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