FAO: Farmer needs urgent help after earthquake

In the statement made by the United Nations (UN) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), headquartered in Rome, it was stated that the earthquake disaster that occurred on February 6 caused great destruction in Turkey and Syria, and FAO said that the rural areas affected by the earthquake in the said countries were determined. It was stated that they expanded their operations in line with their needs.

It was underlined that the priority of FAO in both Turkey and Syria is to ensure that the most affected rural areas can maintain basic food production and to support the assessment of agricultural damage and needs from a broader perspective.

It was stated that the activities in both countries will focus on providing agricultural inputs such as animal feed, seeds, fertilizers, fuel, equipment, veterinary care and unconditional cash transfer for 1-3 months.

25 million dollars is needed for 900 thousand people

“As part of the UN’s ‘Urgent Call to Turkey’, FAO needs $25 million over the next three months, including urgent livelihood support and unconditional cash transfers, for 900,000 rural residents in all 10 affected provinces,” the statement said. took.

FAO stated that within the framework of the UN’s urgent call for Syria, it needs 10 million dollars for agricultural support to be given to 300 thousand people living in rural areas in the next 3 months.

FAO Director-General, Zhou Dongyu, shared his organization’s statement on his Twitter account, saying, “This is a moment to show global solidarity and generosity. We must support Turkey and Syria now so that affected rural communities can improve and sustain food production. FAO is meeting with the authorities to assess the damage suffered by the agricultural sector. will continue to work,” he said.

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