First hearing of BioNTech case canceled

According to the news in the German press, the spokesperson of the court announced that the first hearing was canceled because the plaintiff’s lawyer requested a refusal.

It was stated in the news that the refusal was asked to decide on the request by a panel of judges instead of a judge due to the importance of the case. It was noted that the court will consider this request in a few days.

The lawsuit filed by the law firm Rogert & Ulbrich on behalf of the healthcare worker exercising his right to anonymity under German privacy law was due to begin today at the Hamburg State Court.

Claiming that symptoms such as pain in the upper body, swelling in the arms and legs, fatigue, sleep disturbance and brain fog appeared after the vaccination, the health worker demanded a compensation of 150 thousand euros for the bodily harm caused by the vaccine.

Plaintiff also sought compensation for unspecified pecuniary damage.

BioNTech, on the other hand, after examining the allegations, found them unfounded and demanded that the case be dropped.

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