Fiscal reform comment from von der Leyen

Von der Leyen met with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who took over the EU term presidency as of July 1, in Madrid and made a statement to the press.

“The reforms of the fiscal rules need to be approved by the end of the year. This is a very important transaction and I am confident that we will achieve it.” The President of the EU Commission said that Spain’s term presidency would also help the process.

In the current situation, it is aimed to reduce the public debt levels of countries in a realistic, gradual and sustainable manner within the scope of the reform of the fiscal rules that are on the negotiating table in Brussels.

While public debt should be adjusted to 0.5 percent to 3 percent of gross domestic product, it is recommended to gradually reduce debt up to 4 years.

While it is also discussed to increase this up to 7 years, some countries such as Germany are cautious about it.

EU Migration and Asylum Pact

On the other hand, it was reported that another topic discussed in the Sanchez-Von der Leyen meeting was the EU Migration and Asylum Pact, which is expected to be ratified by the end of the year.

Von der Leyen stated that she fully believes that the early general elections to be held in Spain on 23 July will not affect the EU term presidency, and said that progress will be made within the Union on issues such as the Migration and Asylum Pact, the reindustrialization of the EU and support for Ukraine.

Von der Leyen also touched on the climate change crisis and argued that all political parties, whether right or left, are afraid of the future by constantly looking to the past.

“Climate change is a reality. We have a vision for how we will tackle it, how to face its challenges, but also how to take advantage of opportunities such as new technologies and innovation, how we can grow and develop economically while reducing emissions, protecting the environment and nature, and show all these possibilities,” said the President of the European Commission. ” used the phrases.

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