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Fly Cyprus Airlines, whose founding partners include Rauf Denktaş, the grandson of the former Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Rauf Denktaş, Mehmet Dalman Yücel and Nusret Polat, is preparing for its first flight.

Founding partner Nusret Polat said that their first goal is to provide reliable, economical, comfortable and advantageous flights.

Founding Partner Rauf Denktaş, on the other hand, indicated that the low number of flights from Turkey and the high flight ticket prices were the main reasons for founding Fly Cyprus Airways. Denktaş said that there was a decrease in the number of passengers coming from Turkey, and that they aimed to increase the number of flights and keep the prices at a reasonable level with the airline they established.

two trips to each other

Fly Cyprus Airlines’ Airbus A320 aircraft will make its first flight with 174 passengers on April 16, with a scheduled flight from Istanbul Airport to Ercan Airport. Fly Cyprus Airlines will initially operate two reciprocal flights to Istanbul and a reciprocal flight to Ankara and Izmir.

Aiming to be an economical and comfortable airline for transportation to Cyprus, Fly Cyprus Airlines has planned flights with charter flights from Erbil Tarcan Pristina Amman and Baku to Northern Cyprus as of 21 May.

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