Ford to go to layoffs in the US and Canada

US automaker Ford Motor will reduce the number of employees in the USA and Canada.

In the statement made by the company, the realization of the Ford+ plan for growth and value creation; It was noted that it includes improving quality, reducing costs, investing in priorities and arranging personnel to match the skills needed.

It has been reported that the layoffs to be made in this context primarily affect the team members in the engineering units in the USA and Canada.

In the statement, it was stated that significant assistance will be offered to those affected by the layoffs to find severance pay, fringe benefits and new career opportunities.

In the news of The Wall Street Journal on the subject, it was stated that at least a thousand employees in the company will be fired.

Ford announced last year that it would cut 3,000 jobs globally, mostly in North America.

The company announced in February that it would lay off approximately 3,800 employees across Europe, as the global automotive industry shifts towards electric vehicles.

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