Ford will produce electric trucks – Bloomberg HT


American automotive giant Ford is starting electric truck production in 2025 at its BlueOval City factory, an electric vehicle production center near Stanton, Tennessee, which it has implemented with an investment of $5.6 billion.

The first vehicle to come off the line at the factory, which has a production capacity of 500 thousand electric vehicles per year, will be a new generation electric truck codenamed Project T3 in 2025.

Construction on BlueOval City, which is the epicenter of future electric vehicle and battery cell production and a key component of the 2 million electric vehicle year target by late 2026, began last fall.

“BlueOval City is Ford’s blueprint for the world’s electrified future. We will build revolutionary electric vehicles in an advanced manufacturing facility that works in harmony with the planet and aligns business growth and innovation with environmental progress,” said Bill Ford, Ford Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The company’s statement was that the overall assembly footprint would be 30 percent less than conventional plants, resulting in higher production capacity. The power plant will also use carbon-free electricity from the day it opens. Ford will use recovered energy from its utility infrastructure and geothermal system to provide carbon-free heat to the assembly plant.

On the 3,600-acre production campus, other energy and water-saving technologies will be used, such as zero-waste landfills, which are designed to not use fresh water during assembly processes.

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