FTC sues Amazon for ‘unauthorized subscription’

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sued US e-commerce giant Amazon for subscribing to its Prime service without their consent, making it difficult to cancel these subscriptions.

In a statement from the FTC, it was reported that Amazon was accused of subscribing millions of consumers to its Prime service without permission.

In the statement, the FTC reportedly filed a lawsuit against on the grounds that consumers signed up for the Prime service without their consent, making it difficult for them to cancel their subscription.

Amazon’s; The company used manipulative, compelling or deceptive user interface designs known as “dark models” to trick consumers into signing up for automatically renewing Prime subscriptions.

“Amazon deceived and trapped people”

“Amazon tricked and trapped people into repeating subscriptions without their consent. This not only frustrates users, but also costs them significant amounts of money,” said Lina Khan, Chairman of the FTC, in the statement. used the phrases.

Noting that manipulative tactics harm both consumers and law-abiding businesses, Khan stressed that they will continue to strongly protect Americans from “dark models” and other unfair or deceptive practices in digital markets.

The FTC has been investigating the registration and cancellation processes for Amazon’s Prime service since March 2021.

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