Fuat Tosyalı: We participate in relief efforts with my team, which I personally lead

Fuat Tosyalı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tosyalı Holding, stated that they participated in the search and rescue efforts throughout the disaster area, especially in İskenderun and Osmaniye, with his team, which he personally led.

Tosyalı said, “From the moment of the earthquake, we have been participating in the rescue efforts with all our construction equipment, tools and equipment, and my entire management team personally, with more than a thousand of our employees.”

Stating that they opened the closed facilities in the areas where their factories are located to use for the shelter needs of earthquake victims and their employees, Tosyalı stated that all factory kitchens produce hot meals day and night and provide nutritional support to 10 thousand people a day.

Tosyalı stated that they will continue to be on the field and support.

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