Grain corridor statement from President Erdogan

Answering the questions of the journalists, President Erdoğan said, “We are preparing to host Mr. Putin in August. We agree on the extension of this Black Sea Grain Corridor. Mr. Guterres from the UN also sent a letter to Mr. Putin. With this letter, I hope that we and Russia We will ensure the extension of the grain corridor with the joint efforts of .

Speaking about the EU process, Erdogan said, “Our expectation is to get the answers to the expectations from the EU side. We talked to all EU member leaders with whom I met. We said that we expect positive steps from them towards Turkey, which has been waiting at the door for 52 years.”

Relations with Greece

“We are two neighboring countries. We do not want this process to go like this. Mitsotakis and we had a new election. As the leader who won two elections, we want us to take our steps in a positive direction. The most important topics I ask from them are the problems with a Western Thrace, the issue of muftis. “We wanted to overcome them. Especially our ambassadors will make preliminary preparations with mutual meetings. Then we, as leaders, will take the necessary steps,” he said.

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