Gram gold started the day with a new record

Gold held its gains as new signs of a cooling US labor market set to close its best week in a month, prompting investors to halt pricing for further monetary tightening.

Spot gold is trading at 1964 dollars an ounce. Gram gold continues to break records.

According to the calculations made on ounce gold and interbank rates, gram gold saw its new historical peak with 1,488 TL.

Quarter gold is sold at 2,440 liras, and Republic gold at 9,860 liras.

The precious metal held steady after rising 1.3 percent on Thursday after data showed jobless claims posted the biggest increase since October 2021.

After Thursday’s data, dollar and bond yields continued to decline, while spot gold gained value.

Investors will be able to shed light on the Fed’s next rate move and will closely follow the inflation data to be announced next week.

Gram gold broke the record with 1.315 on Thursday last week and then continued to break records multiple times on a daily basis as the Dollar/TL rate continued to rise.

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