Hafele enters the Turkish white goods market

Hafele Turkey and Regional Countries Chief Executive Officer Hilmi Uytun made evaluations about the furniture and white goods sector in the Bloomberg HT broadcast he attended. Uytun announced that they will enter the white goods market in Turkey.

Reminding that they are the main supplier of furniture companies on the one hand, Uytun said, “On the one hand, we are behind the housing investors and hotel investors. We are growing fast on the hotel side. Since tourism is also going well, but there is a relative recovery in the housing. But the housing also stays calm for a while, but then the old I think the housing sector will still have a good year in 2023,” he said.

Pointing out that Turkey is a leading market for Hafele, Uytun stated that they will launch white goods and built-in products at the beginning of April.

Saying that Turkey is the second largest country after China in white goods, Uytun said, “However, we have the concept and design. We aim for a market share of 5-10 percent in Turkey in 2023 on the white goods side.”

“We are trying to reduce the price increase with efficiency”

Uytun, who underlined that the furniture maker made a deal with lira when he made a deal, but then he had to sell it immediately, said, “Because the exchange rate is falling. Even Central Banks cannot prevent this, so you cannot subsidize the exchange rate. It is important for us not to take an open position. We try to increase the price as little as possible by increasing efficiency and using engineering. “Increasing the price is not the way, but you cannot subsidize the exchange rate,” he said.

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