Housing prices rose at the fastest pace in 8 months in February

In order to monitor the quality-adjusted price changes of residences in Turkey.
The calculated Housing Price Index (HPI) increased by 8.4 percent in February compared to the previous month and became 767.9.

KPI, which increased by 141.5 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, increased by a percentage in real terms in the same period.
increased by 56.3 percent.

While the square meter unit price of the residence was 20 thousand 493 TL in Turkey, the average square meter unit price in Istanbul increased by 138.3 percent to 31 thousand 802.2 TL.

The average square meter unit price in Ankara increased by 142.1 percent to 14 thousand 986 TL, and in İzmir it increased by 142.6 percent to 24 thousand 075 TL.

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