IBM replaces thousands of job positions with artificial intelligence

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna told Bloomberg News that some jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the coming years, so hiring for these positions will be halted.

Stating that the positions they will suspend in recruitment will mostly be in human resources, Krishna explained that these non-customer-oriented job positions correspond to roughly 26 thousand employees.

Saying that 30 percent of some business lines will be replaced by artificial intelligence and automation in a five-year period, Krishna said, “This means roughly 7,800 job losses.”

In his assessment, Krishna said that tasks such as providing employment verification letters or transferring employees between departments will likely be fully automated. But he noted that some human resources tasks, such as assessing workforce productivity, will likely not be changed over the next decade.

IBM currently employs approximately 260,000 people and continues to recruit for software development and client-facing positions.

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