IMF letter from Argentina government to Biden

It was stated that the letter published on the website of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs was signed by the leaders of Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia and Paraguay, and Biden was asked to support the negotiations with the IMF.

“We respectfully and affectionately request that you support Argentina in the negotiations. You must guide a swift and effective solution for Argentina within the framework of shared principles of democracy, human rights and social inclusion in America,” the letter said. statement was included.

Emphasizing that the IMF should not remain indifferent to the effects of war, epidemic and drought in Ukraine on the economy, the letter said, “Demands that do not take into account the change in conditions disrupt the ongoing recovery in Argentina. It puts the balance of payments at risk and this is not desirable.” opinion shared.

“Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary responses,” the letter states. “One of the main reasons for the current situation is the unprecedented debt to the IMF. We are working on a solution that will allow Argentina to grow, create jobs and increase exports. All these are necessary conditions to meet the maturities of the loan in question.” statements were included.

Argentina thanks the leaders who signed the letter

President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez, President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who signed the letter on Twitter, President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, President of Colombia Gustavo Petro, President of Chile Gabriel Boric, President of Bolivia Luis Arce and President of Paraguay Mario Thanks to Abdo Benitez.

In the news in the media of Argentina, it was stated that the country activated only 1 billion 900 million dollars of the 2 billion 700 million dollars loan that was supposed to be paid to the IMF this week.

Struggling with the country’s financial imbalances and the currency crisis, the government is trying to pay the IMF its dues.

The government, which has been negotiating for the revision of the 44 billion dollar debt taken from the IMF during the period of former President Mauricio Macri, demands that the agreement made with the IMF on March 4, 2022 be reconsidered.

Argentina, with a population of more than 44 million, signed the $57 billion stand-by agreement in 2018, which includes the highest loan opened by the IMF in its history, under Macri’s leadership, and used $44 billion from the fund in this context.

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