In the first statement of the contractors, there is no self-criticism, there is a suggestion

16 days after the earthquake that shook the whole country, a statement came from the contracting sector for the first time, and it was seen that the proposals came to the fore in the said statement, but there was no self-criticism.

Construction Contractors Confederation (IMKON) President Tahir Tellioğlu argued that after the destruction and deaths after the earthquakes, the perception of ‘single guilty contractor’ was created in the public and this is not true.

Tellioğlu stated that declaring the contractors as the sole culprit and targeting them deviates a sound detection and diagnosis, and that new and permanent measures should be taken by correctly analyzing the determination of the areas of joint responsibility in these demolitions.

Building inspectors should be subject to internships and exams

The first of Tellioğlu’s proposals for training, responsibility and penal sanctions in almost every field except the contracting sector, the building stocks formed in the past in the fault transition regions of the country with high earthquake risk, with the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipalities and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, according to the new earthquake master plans of the cities. relocation to the regions.

Stating that floor values ​​should be given according to the strength ratio, Tellioğlu requested that the building inspection and site supervisors, who inspect whether the static applications of the building are carried out according to the project, as building project implementation inspectors, be subjected to training internships and exams according to their specialization branches after university graduation.

Tellioğlu suggested that the necessary responsibility and punishment should be imposed on those who set the slamm lower than the value the concrete should be and add water to the concrete. under He stated that all building stocks, which are workplaces, should be reviewed and that the apartment/site managers should be given responsibility in this regard.

Tellioğlu suggested that by meeting the demand for a law-based professional chamber for the contracting sector for years, the contractors should be registered and subject to training certification in the scale of their responsibilities to keep their records.

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