In the stock market, the gong rang for the QNB Finansbank Clean Energy Index

In Borsa Istanbul, the gong rang for the QNB Finansbank Clean Energy Index. The QNB Finansbank Clean Energy Index, created by QNB Finansportföy, is based on the price and return performance of the portfolios of companies that derive most of their operating income from the generation and distribution of energy from renewable energy sources or the production or sale of technologies or components used in this field.

In the first phase of the index, 15 companies whose shares are traded in Borsa İstanbul Yıldız Market, Main Market and Sub-Market, whose energy generation capacity consists of clean energy sources with a minimum of 75% of the source and that derive at least 75% of their operating income from clean energy activities, are included. was done.

15 companies included in the said index; were determined from companies in the fields of activity such as solar panel production, geothermal, wind energy and hydroelectric power plant, and biomass energy.

Clean energy sources; Wastes, which can be used in energy production by various methods except fossil fuels, were considered as all kinds of renewable energy sources including biogas/biomass, wave, solar, hydrogen, geothermal, wind and water.

“An indication of our determination to fight climate change”

Speaking at the ceremony, Ömür Tan, General Manager of QNB Finansbank, stated that as QNB Finansbank, they are trying to support a sustainable future and carry out their activities with this responsibility.

Stating that they are doing their best to put the perspective of combating climate change and creating an equal future for everyone at the core of all their activities, Tan said: “From the social responsibility projects we are involved in to all living areas of our bank, from the loans we give to our work for financial inclusion, from human resources We do our best to keep sustainability and a clean future at the center of everything, down to our processes. At this point, we think that this responsibility not only belongs to us, but also belongs to all companies in Turkey and in the world. Therefore, we ask all companies from the financial sector and all companies to do their best in this regard. I would like to make a call here. I think we have shown the whole public the QNB Finansbank Clean Energy Index and our determination on this issue by opening this index at the gong ceremony we held today. I think it is very important in terms of drawing attention to its strategic importance. As the bank, we will continue to show the support we have shown so far in investing in the renewable energy sector and providing financing to increase the scale of the existing infrastructure in the coming period as well.”

QNB Finansportföy General Manager Egemen Erden stated that the QNB Finansbank Clean Energy Index is a tool for identifying companies operating in the clean energy field in Turkey, and it will also be a benchmark for the QNB Finans Asset Management Clean Energy and Water Fund Basket Fund.

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