In Turkish industry, more than 17 thousand robots are producing


While the increasing labor cost in the world and the compelling competition among developing countries lead many companies to use industrial robots to increase their productivity, the global market size of the sector is expected to reach a volume of 70 billion dollars by the end of this year.

Answering BloombergHT’s questions, Robot Integrators and High-Tech System Manufacturers Association (Roboder) President Murat Racing said that more than 17 thousand robots installed in our country are involved in production. Stating that these numbers will increase rapidly in the coming years, Roboder President said, “At least 5 to 6 times the multiplier of these technologies, which we call industrial robots, creates value in national economies by gaining added value through robot integration. Robots, which come to the forefront in sectors where there is a problem of qualified personnel, have started to be used in welding processes. Later, robots gradually started to take place in assembly and transportation processes as well as in jobs with high repeatability. It is now possible to see factories using robots in many fields from the food sector to the electronics sector. Turkey is a serious and remarkable supply center for the supply of robotic investment equipment in many sectors, especially in the automotive and packaging sector. Our flexibility in production on these issues, our skills and the solutions we offer will carry Turkey to the next level in terms of high-capacity investment line supply on a global basis.”

Regarding the roadmap to be followed in the transformation of Industry 4.0, President of Roboder said, “We can say that the development of the systems used in the transformation of the industry and the latest technology are directly proportional. If our most important priority when making an investment decision is to produce a competitive product, the systems we design require that many routine and repetitive tasks be done almost flawlessly. It makes more sense to us that government subsidies should now shift towards high-value-added businesses and competitive products that can be made with high-tech investments, rather than being applied equally to all types of investments. In this regard, apart from the forcing of the state, the future foresight of the capitalists is also important.” made the statement.

Roboder President said, “Factories and various industries need to combine access to raw materials for competitive production, then high-volume production in order to achieve economies of scale, quality production with good process knowledge. Industrial robots seem to be very helpful in maximizing the production volume of someone who has access to raw materials and knows his job well. It will be possible to see such technologies at Win Eurasia, one of Turkey’s most important industry fairs in the international arena. The more robots and workers can get the power of production from human and worker, the more robots that do not have the concept of overtime, do not stop and do not get tired can continue production. When you increase production at least three times or maybe more without needing much other than planned maintenance, your prices decrease, your quality increases and you can use your production costs while competing, compared to your competitors.” completed.

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