Integrated sustainability report from Anadolu Efes

Announcing its sustainability performance to its stakeholders since 2010, Anadolu Efes announced that it has published its first integrated report.

According to the report, the company implemented projects worth approximately 61 million TL in the 2022 reporting period, focusing on emission reduction and water efficiency.

In the report, it was stated that within the framework of social impact investments, 26 projects were carried out in 5 different focus areas, while women earn approximately 20 percent less than men around the world, with an independent declaration of assurance that the company pays ‘equal pay for equal work’.

In the statement made by the company, Anadolu Efes Beer Group President and CEO Can Çaka said, “Today, we continue our journey as the 9th largest beer company in the world and 5th in Europe. In order to be able to move forward more focused and more transparently on this path, we have decided to switch to integrated reporting, which has been implemented by a small number of companies both in our country and in the world.

12 percent drop

In the report, it was stated that in order to achieve net zero carbon emissions in all of our operations in 2030, it has invested more than 59 million TL in projects that contribute to emission reduction this year.

In the report, which stated that 29 percent of electricity consumption is purchased from renewable sources, “The technical plans we have made and the projects we have realized within the scope of our 2030 Net Zero target.
Thanks to this, we achieved a 12 percent decrease in our net emissions from our own operations compared to the previous year.

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